• Labour Licence No : 590
My Own Trade Exchange

About us

About Us

A business spanning over three decodes, MYOWN is a synonymous brand In the recruitment industry of Sri Lanka. Longevity exemplifies the strength of the foundations laid in an organization.

MYOWN Trade Exchange Pvt Ltd. wos established in 1982 as a small recruitment company looking to promote the highly literate workforce of Sri Lanka lo major clients in the Middle East. who at the lime were looking for huge numbers of manpower to work in their various projects.

Gaining trust and confidence over 3 decades, MYOWN Trade Exchange Pvt Ltd. has been spearheading the Srilankan recauilment industry. Forging alliances with technical institutes, trade test centers and conducting mobile recruitment campaigns MYOWN Trade Exchange Pvt Ltd. hos always been a trendsetter in the indushy.

Elaborating on the topic, MYOWN Trade Exchange bearing license No.590 is one of the few earty recruitment companies, which still exist in Sri Lanka. Withstanding competition MYOWN trade Excharve Pvt Ltd. remains the undsputed leader. As a one-stop Human Resource Development firm in based in Sri Lanka. Located In the heal of the bustling Colombo city, we cover all aspects of professional recruitment needs frorn Sri Lanka.

We are now proudly able to pass on the highest caliber of acquired management, training, and support systems to our valued customers throughout the Kingdom.

Our Vision

To be the undisputed leaders in the trade through reputation and results.

Our Mission

Lead the group towards its goal by giving an excellent quality customer service to your clients.

President Message

A story of humble beginnings to accolades galore, truly defines the 35-year business career of our President.

A BSc Graduate from Sri Lanka's premier university located in the hills of Perodeniya coupled with an MAAT (accounts) qualification has been the stepping-stone to o glory filled career of our president.

few stints with leading organizations in Sri Lanka as 0 CFO (Chief Financial officer). he ventured out os a young entrepreneur looking for greater achievements in life. Which in turn gave Ste MYOWN Group Of Companies.

Hailing from Eastern Sri Lanka. deep rooted with principles and tradition. the notion to serve the community was embedded within our president. Asa result. he ventured into recruitment consultancy.

Providng impeccable service to major corporations throughout the 3 decades in Sri Lanka his company and he gained valuable trust and business throughout the &Sicklier East. Of len credited as the "Father of manpower export industry" In Sri Lanka As a result, his company and he have grown many folds over the years to become one of the most stable, able. & professionolly managed firms in the manpower industry in Sri Lanka.

Personal Accolades

  • 1986 - Launches the first IT institute" providing scholarship to 1000 students annually in Sri Lanka
  • 1991 - 1994 - Appointed as the 'PRESIDENT" of Sri Lanka Muslim Business Forum
  • 1992- 1994 - (DIRECTOR) Appointed as advisor to Sri Lanka Foreign Employment Bureau
  • 2000 - 2010 - Becomes a MP (Member of Parliament of Sri Lanka)
  • 2002 - 2003 - Appointed as a member of Sri Lanka - Canada Friendship Association
  • 2006 - 2010 - Appointed as Deputy Minister (Higher Education) In Sri lankan government
  • M.Mohamed Mustaffa

    MyOWN Group of Companies

Director Message

A story of humble beginnings to accolades galore, truly defines the 35-year business A double Graduate. with a Masters qualification specializing in Marketing & International trade. he is currently responsible for all the overseas and local marketing and Business development activities of MYOWN group of companies.

A well presented personality, dynamic in his approach is speciafized In negotiating all terms and conditions with the existing and new clientele in order to ensure satisfaction both I he companies and wcxkface being recruited.

He possesses extensive Insights about the current a/cycling market conditions of GCC states both in the public and private.

With sight liberation of the Saudi Arabian market over the lost few years. international firms have started obtaining new development projects. As a result, his continuous presence in the GCC states enables him to promote our organization to the new mega projects in the region.

In his current position in the last five years, the company has seen a significant growth in the number of new clientele whilst ensuring the satisfaction of existing ones.

Ramley Mustaffa


Managing Message

AA qualified professional, with an ABE professional qualification from England. he entered the manpower industry in order to continue the legacy of our President.

With almost 10 years experience in the filed of manpower recruitment, N. Rifley Musthallo - Managing Director. is in charge of the operations of MYOWN group of Companies.

Being the current licensee. he possesses extensive knowledge of the current market conditions and the required recruitment procedures in the current Sri Lankan market.

An astute administrator, responsible tor revamping operations during his capacity In the current position. He plays a vital role in ensuring a speedy recruitment process as well as tackling complex situations with suppliers and government departments.

Rizley Mustaffa

Managing Director